Analytical center specializing in clinical trials, bioequivalence studies, pharmacokinetics of drugs, and clinical diagnostics


Development and validation of Bioanalytical methods

The development and validation of bioanalytical methods for the quantitative determination of drugs in various biological matrices is carried out in accordance with current recommendations. Achievable limit of quantitative determination - from 1 pg / ml.
Result: quantitative

Analysis of concentration in various matrixes

Quantitative determination of low molecular weight drugs by LC-MS/MS, as well as biotechnological drugs by ELISA.
Result: quantitative

Conducting research of finished dosage forms, substances and excipients. New drugs analysis methods development

— Dissolution kinetics as a supplement to bioequivalence studies
— Dissolution kinetics for additional dosages
— Development and validation of methods for the analysis of substances and drugs
— Writing and checking regulatory documents

Laboratory Kits building

Project-specific laboratory kits formed in accordance with the GCLP requirements and taking into account the Customer’s requirements

About Us

MERT GROUP MEDİKAL — is an analytical center founded in 2016. A leader in clinical trials, bioequivalence studies, drug pharmacokinetics, and laboratory diagnostics.

Clients of the company are the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers of Türkiye, as well as international pharmaceutical companies.
MERT GROUP MEDİKAL Bioanalytical Laboratory has participated in more than 500 bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic studies. The largest stock of equipment in Türkiye, 9 mass-spectrometers, which allow detecting low molecular weight compounds in biological samples with high precision.

MERT GROUP MEDİKAL conducts research in the field of finished dosage forms, substances and excipients.

The company also develops analysis methods for new drugs. Adherence to GCP, GCLP principles. GLP certification, ISO 9001:2015.
Contact us
Merkez Mah. Hasat Sk. Kamara
No: 52 / 1 Şişli / ISTANBUL
+90 546 232 36 87